Saturday, April 26, 2014

Child O' Mine

Good Morning Everyone~

Here is a collage I made on a canvas called "Child O' Mine"

Supplies used:

Matte medium
Collage pages of little girls
Tissue Paper
Some flowers and bows
Encaustic Wax
Antique in brown

I put the tissue paper on with the Matte Medium and then put the pictures over that
also with the Matte Medium.  I put the lettering on the side and added the lace in the
corner.  I added some flowers and bows.  With the girl on the right bottom, I cut slits
on her shoulders and put two flower petals to look like wings and added glitter, then
added a heart brad to her chest.

After all was done, I went over everything with and antiquing mixture of brown to
give it a weathered look.  Then I brushed wax over the whole canvas.

I love making collages, each one has its own little story and even if they don't, they
look very weathered and old as if it was in your grandma's attic!!