Monday, December 22, 2014

Victorian Journal

Here are some pictures of a journal I am working on.  I took a class with Kim Geiser and the book I used was too thick and the pages too thin, so I took it apart and redid it.  It was given at Art-Is-You and I added all my trades to the side of the book.   I am adding lots more stuff, the only problem is that the book will not close, but I will be tying it with ribbon and can do that loosely.
I still have a long way to go but I am glad I started my Journal Journey.

The Art Of Steampunk

Here I am standing next to my piece that is now in the Gallery.  It is on it's own wall!  This is just
a preview.  The closing reception takes place January 4 and hopefully someone will buy it.  I didn't win any ribbons but hey, at least I got into a Gallery.  Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hi everyone,

Here I am again with some exciting news.   It has been a while since I blogged since I have
been so busy making art.

First, I will be having a piece shown in the Art League Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery.
It is a piece of all my handmade jewelry that I put together into one big collage.  I am very
excited about this as it is a large gallery and I attend classes there as well.  This is a juried
show and there will be ribbons given out and an opening reception and a closing reception.

Second, The Half Hollow Hills Library in Dix Hills has agreed to let    me put all my pieces in
their gallery.  It is downstairs and I have the whole area to myself.  I am very busy making
collages to hang there as well.  Here is one picture that is going in the library as well as others I am presently working on.

I will post pictures of the others as I make them.

The most exciting thing that can ever happen to me is I applied for a one-artist show at the Huntington Arts Council Gallery in Huntington, NY.  I will know after April 2015 if they
accept me and if they do, it will run for two weeks.  There will be an opening reception and a
closing reception.

I was just notified that a piece I donated to the HAC for a silent auction has been sold~!
I couldn't be more happier as it went to charity and for a good cause.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well I just posted all my projects so far, I will have more when I start my project for my new Design Team Canvas Corp Brands and will write about my experience of having a large piece of artwork in a gallery.  So stay tuned!

It looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year!!


Well it has been a while since I have written on my blog.  So much as happened.  The month of October was pretty busy, as usual, I went to the Art Is You Retreat and took some fabulous classes.  I took a journaling class with Kim Geiser and made a book that I am still working on and it is coming out fantastic.!!

I actually learned how to solder a matchbox!!  Pictures to come.  I took a class with Jenny & Aaron on how to use a palette knife to paint and decoupage, I learned how to make a small book with soldering and stamping with Lynne Suprock and her wonderful friend and assistant Cheryl, and of course the wonderful Andrea De Meng's class was fantastic.  We made a collage and I love the way it came out and we even learned how to use tools such as the dremel which was great because I have two and have never used either one!!

It was nice to see my old friends and meet some new ones as well.

I was on the Punk You Girl Lolita Design Team, but decided it was time to move on and guess what?  I applied for a position on a new DT called Creative Canvas Brands.  I never thought I would make it as it is a huge team and to my surprise, they invited me to join and my job will be crew member doing Vintage work which is my favorite thing to do!!
It sounds like tons of fun, I am getting to meet new people and will be making my first design due on December 1st so watch out for it.

On Sunday, January 4th, my heart is going pitter patter seriously, because I will have a piece of my artwork shown in a gallery called the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery at the Art League of Long Island.
It is a big piece 24x24.  I had a piece in a smaller gallery a few months ago, but this is a larger scale and it is so exciting. 

Last month I was published in Just Steampunk Magazine, not only on the cover!! but I got a three page spread in the magazine.  I am just jumping for joy.  I am going to add some pictures so you can see what I have been up to.

THEN, I spoke to the person in charge of art work at my local library and she wants me to put my collages on one of their walls, but that will come later as I am so busy right now.

Lesley Veneble's class

Andrea De Meng's class
Lynne Suprock's class

Jenny & Aarons class
Kim Geiser's class

Here are the pictures from my spread in Just Steampunk

Top right piece is mine

This was in it as well

Two page spread

I don't know if I posted this but here is a picture of the piece that was in a small gallery in my town

I also want to mention that for three years now I have been a part of Adelphi University's Breast Cancer silent auction for women with this horrible disease.  We have to design a bra inside and out and the straps as well.  Here is my latest one that I made.  Then they have a reception with the silent auction and it is fabulous!!
This is the front

This is the rest of it                                                         


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here I am with the famous Tim Holtz and Mario at Scrapper's Playground.  Tim taught an
awesome class and I was very happy with the results.  It was so much fun and I actually
got to meet him and have a picture taken with him.  Scrapper's Playground has some
awesome teachers and more to come

Here is a Steampunk Collage that I am entering into the Art League of Long Island's Gallery.
The exhibition takes place in November and it is a juried show.  I am hoping someone will
purchase it, but I would be happy winning a ribbon for it as well.
These are my jewelry pieces, all handmade, all one of a kind that I put on a large wooden
board, painted it red then stenciled Steampunk designs on top in black.  Then I added
the jewelry.  

I have to say this one was pretty hard and time consuming, but I am hoping it will be worth it.
Leave a comment if you wish as I love to receive comments and I will be back after the
reception to let you know how it went.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Well here it is  Volume 5 of Just Cards - Steampunk and that is my piece on the top right hand side of the cover.  Above the magazine are two pages full of what I made.
I am ecstatic to be on the cover and there is more inside!! I can't believe Barnes & Noble actually sells this magazine.  You can get a copy there or at Scott Publications to see all the wonderful Steampunk art that everyone has contributed to the magazine.  Have fun reading it.
More to come....

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Ice Queen Collage at the Huntington Arts Gallery

Well last night was a blast, my husband, my son and I got together and went to the Huntington Arts Gallery where they showed my collage piece "The Ice Queen".  Since "Frozen" is such a big hit now, this fit in pretty nicely.  The place was packed and they had a nice reception with little bites and wine.  This was my very first time having a piece in a gallery and it was such a complete rush.  I really plan on doing this again in November at another gallery, only this time, I am going much bigger in size with the collage!  I hope you enjoy this piece.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well here I am working away and what pops up on Facebook, but the magazine Just Cards
Steampunk.  I am on the cover.  Well I am one of the ones on the cover, up on the right hand side
There should be more of my work on the inside as well, I can't wait for it to come out so I can
see for myself.

One more thing off my bucket list, always wanted to make the cover of a magazine.

Now I am working on a bra for Adelphi University that involves designing an entire bra
anyway you like and submitting it for a silent auction.  Then they have a reception.  The best
part is that I get to be in a coffee table book with the picture of the piece and a story I must
write about it.

I am also working on my design projects for Punkyougirl Design Team.  It is a team that
makes dark projects, ie: steampunk and goth which is right up my alley.  I have been
pretty busy with all of this.  

The biggest thing that is happening is that tomorrow Friday, August 8th I will be
attending a reception at an art gallery where one of MY collages will be.
It is like a dream come true having my collage in a real art gallery, if someone buys it, that
would be the icing on the cake.

Well have to run, back to work and onto my next project
See you soon
Oh, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, August 1, 2014


I am excited to say that I was asked to be a guest designer for the Punkyougirl Design team's blog
The theme is dark ie: goth, steampunk, eerie.  All the things I love to work with.  I had a ball making this last collage.  Hopefully, it will pass inspection LOL.

Punkyougirl seems to have a wonderful team and a wonderful team leader.  I would be honored to become a member.

For this collage I used a canvas and painted it with black gesso
I added a piece of burgundy glitter tulle on top of the gesso
I adorned the piece with embellishments such as scrabble tiles that spell out GOTH GIRL

I added a rhinestone starburst. a steampunk snake and a steampunk pocket watch

Now for the best part, the girl, she is wearing a bustier with a garter and a tutu, I added wings to her back.  I colored her with copics, winks of stella pens, and a thin sharpie, her hair is black with some pink in it to make it more goth, I added a little heart on her headpiece which is a band of feathers that come all the way up with little pearls on them.  I also added tulle to make a little tutu on her and added some stickles for dimension.  At the top and bottom is some washi tape that I also added.

To order the TuTu Girl and other great digital stamps, be sure to visit Unky at

Friday, July 4, 2014

Here is a collage I made to enter it into a Design Team Challenge.  Unfortunately, it had to be
digital.  They liked my work so much, I was asked to be a guest designer in August using
digital stamps.  I have been practicing now so I hopefully will know how to do it when the
time comes.  The theme for this was dark and eerie, I think this meets both categories
Stop by and have a look and I love comments if you have time

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hi there, Francine again with my post for June

I decided to make an oversized Tag with a Steampunk theme.   Perfect for Father's Day.

I stamped the tag with the Male Steampunk, deeply etched Red Rubber Stamp from AlteredPages using Memento Luxe ink in the Pistachio color.  Yummy & luscious to work with.

I then  distressed the stamp with  Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko Memento Luxe ink in Peanut Brittle.  I cut the hat from the stamp and put it on top of the man's head and added glitter to it.  He has a gear on one eye and a monocle, timepiece and embellishments were added to the bottom on paper used as a border from The Glitz Paper Pack, Laced with Grace.   On top of the tag is a round Steampunk embellishment and a chain that hangs over the top of the tag.

This was so much fun to make as I love anything Steampunk.   Watch for more Steamy goodness!

I am so excited that next week I will be in a class with Mr. Tim Holtz himself at Scrapper's Playground on Long Island.  This should be a fun class as I love all his work and can't wait to meet him.   Tim Holtz is one of the finest artists in mixed media.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am having so much fun being on the Design Team
For exciting and new products, visit

Friday, May 23, 2014

I have been having a ball on the Design Team for Altered Pages.  I am learning so much.  The artwork is the easy part, the computer part, not so much, but I am learning as I am going.  Everyone is so nice and helpful, and PATIENT!
Keep your eyes out for my next project on my blog and while you are here, follow me too

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The "Shoe Queen Tag" was made with a tag, MementoLuxe Peanut Brittle Ink, glue, shoes from my stash and stamps from

Anyone that knows me knows I AM the shoe queen, can't have too many shoes~!
Tag called "The Shoe Queen" I made with supplies from
Tag called "The Shoe Queen" I made with supplies from

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello, Francine here! I finished my Eileen Hull ATB and here it is for you to enjoy ~

I adhered the Altered Pages collage sheets to all sides of the box. On the ATB top is a Farthy, which is a Steampunk unicycle! Farthy's were developed in the 1880's and were named after the penny farthing coin (just a bit of trivia).  

Sitting on the Farthy is a ballerina poodle with butterfly wings. The poodle actually TURNS! You can see the Poodle from all sides of the box . The spoke of the bike has a key that TURNS with glitter surrounding the mechanism.

Above please notice a friendly giraffe who has been framed!  The lovely lady has a crown with a feather and flower that match her dress.  For the overall, Steampunk gears were added for lots of dimension. 

I had a lot of fun making this ATB and look forward to my next project as a Design Team Member for Altered Pages! 
Developed and used in the 1880s, these vehicles were the first to be called bicycles and were characterized by a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel (in this case, it's flipped). Their amusing nickname comes from the old British penny and farthing coins, with the former being much larger than the latter, so that if put side by side, the penny leading a farthing would resemble one of the new bicycles. - See more at:

Supplies used:
Eileen Hull ATB
Altered Pages Steampunk Purple Collage Sheet
Altered Pages Steampunk Green Collage Sheet
From my stash: butterfly wings, flower, feather, frame, key, gears

Don't forget to check back all month long in May to see what the team is creating with their Artist Trading Blocks!    AND VISIT TEAM ATB

 See the ATB TEAM at Eileen Hull's blog

Saturday, May 3, 2014

During the month of May join the Altered Pages Design Team as we cross promote Eileen Hull Designs Artist Trading Block's.
We are cross promoting with the "The Artists on the Block" Design Team.
The "The Artists on the Block" will be posting inspirational ATB's every Tuesday.
The Altered Pages Design Team will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to stop by often for a month of inspiration.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day Dreaming of LOVE!

Francine here, I am really excited to join the Altered Pages Design Team.

"Day Dreaming of Love" Canvas 
To create the canvas, crumble the two pieces of tissue paper and adhere them with Mod Podge, let dry.  Add lettering and images from Altered Pages Collage Sheet Really Red.  Cut red doily in half and attach to the canvas.  Embellish the doily with paper rose and mini bottle (with a love letter inside). Attach "Call Again" image from collage sheet with pop dots for added dimension.  Finish the canvas with German Foil and a few more roses.
Tissue Papers - Plain Red Tissue  and  Images on White Tissue
Mod Podge
Mini Bottle
Pop Dots
German Foil


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Child O' Mine

Good Morning Everyone~

Here is a collage I made on a canvas called "Child O' Mine"

Supplies used:

Matte medium
Collage pages of little girls
Tissue Paper
Some flowers and bows
Encaustic Wax
Antique in brown

I put the tissue paper on with the Matte Medium and then put the pictures over that
also with the Matte Medium.  I put the lettering on the side and added the lace in the
corner.  I added some flowers and bows.  With the girl on the right bottom, I cut slits
on her shoulders and put two flower petals to look like wings and added glitter, then
added a heart brad to her chest.

After all was done, I went over everything with and antiquing mixture of brown to
give it a weathered look.  Then I brushed wax over the whole canvas.

I love making collages, each one has its own little story and even if they don't, they
look very weathered and old as if it was in your grandma's attic!!
Hi there:  Here is a collage I made, a very large one, of our visits to Paris and New York on
our Honeymoon.  There is a myriad of ephemera, a playbill from a play, Phantom Of The
Opera, matchbooks from restaurants, an entire collection of memories.

I hope someday to go back to Paris so I can make another one Part 2.  I had so much
fun making this.  The gold German Dresden strips around the edges really made it

I hope you enjoy it and any comments are welcome!

Hi there:  Here is a collage I made, a very large one, of our visits to Paris and New York on
our Honeymoon.  There is a myriad of ephemera, a playbill from a play, Phantom Of The
Opera, matchbooks from restaurants, an entire collection of memories.

I hope someday to go back to Paris so I can make another one Part 2.  I had so much
fun making this.  The gold German Dresden strips around the edges really made it

I hope you enjoy it and any comments are welcome!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am so excited to have made the Altered Pages Design Team.  My first project comes out on May 1st.
I had so much fun making it.  The other members have been wonderful helping me as I am not that computer literate but in the end I finally got it!
Be on the lookout for my project on May 1st! from the Altered Pages Design Team Blog.
I look forward to your comments and stopping by.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Altered Pages Design Team Contributor

Well it has been a few months since I have written anything on here.  I just got some great news that I was chosen to be on the Altered Pages Design Team.  I am so excited as I always wanted to be on one, but on the other hand, I want to be able to  live up to their standards.  Some of these people are amazing.  The person in charge, Lyneen has been wonderful to me and I made friends with Roni who has helped me tremendously.  Now it is up to me to get the ball rolling.

I thought I would start with a collage as my due date for my project is coming up and want to get it done.  So wish me luck and if you have a chance, stop by my blog as I will be putting lots more stuff on it.

Thanks so much




Monday, February 3, 2014

I just put this piece in my Etsy shop Vintagewears4U.  I thought it would make for a
great Valentine's Day gift, it sells for $35.00 and S&H is Free!  I love how the angel
with the rhinestone halo is looking down.  It is a very intricate piece and is finished
off with ice resin, th chain has amber stones on it.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have added a few more items to my shop, I also joined a group call Steampunk Tendencies.
I uploaded some pictures and got a nice response from them.  You should check out their
page on Facebook.  There are some really interesting items on that site.  If you would
like to view my items that I have in the shop so far, go to:

I have added a few more items to my shop, I also joined a group call Steampunk Tendencies.
I uploaded some pictures and got a nice response from them.  You should check out their
page on Facebook.  There are some really interesting items on that site.  If you would
like to view my items that I have in the shop so far, go to:


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here is a piece I call the Gears Go Round, there are many gears on this piece
Underneath them is a chain rolled up and around the outside of the heart bezel
are rhinestones.  The bezel is an open heart on top of a plain bezel with designs
on it.  There is a gear hanging from the bottom  
This is a very heavy piece and so is the chain.  I feel it can be unisex and worn by a
man or a woman, the chain is approx 12 in long and very heavy.   On the right
side of the the heart is a Fleur Du Lis